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Funding received in the period September 2013 to March 2014 - £5000

Funding has been provided by the government to increase children’s participation in sports.

At Henry Prince we are:-

- Providing opportunities by holding after school clubs.
- Working with Castele Consultancy to allow the pupils
  participate in a variety of sporting events.
- Providing high quality CPD for staff.
- Providing swimming lesson for Years 2, 3 and 4.

As part of the spend of the Sports Premium we have utilised some of the funding to be a member of the Uttoxeter Sports Partnership. The partnership builds on the previous coordinated approach of the previous school sports partnership and has enabled us to maintain a collaborative approach with other schools. The partnership provides us with the followings:

- dedicated officer support in terms of planning the PE curriculum, developing action plans around PE and school sport and supporting individual school to audit and address their needs.

- termly meetings for our PE coordinator which include networking opportunities, CPD and action planning.

- continual professional development through sports specific training courses.

- additional competitions to enable more young people to take part in out of school competition.

- leadership training for pupils and staff.

- termly gifted and talented sessions for targeted pupils.

- support in identifying extra curricular opportunities and the recruitment and employment of external providers.

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